Establishedin 2004, Homesun Technology is specialized in various microwave absorbers,anechoic chambers, antenna chambers, RF consumables and instrument maintenanceand is renowned for its expertise and pro-active customer support. Homesun is dedicatedto developing new products to meet customer needs. In 2014, Homesun built the absorberperformance testing lab to ensure its competitiveness and compliance withinternational standards. With the spirit of “Custom obsession, Quality first,Sincere service,” Homesun addresses customer demands and creates a win-winsituation with its partners through superior quality, reasonable price and fastdelivery.

    Cultivated in Taiwanfor decades, Homesun Technology provides the best solutions and products basedon abundant practices and measuring experiences of isolation chamber andanechoic chamber engineering and antenna selection.

    Our main products include

    1. Shielding box (manually side-opening/manually uplifting/semi-automatic clamshelltype/semi-automatic drawer type).

    2. Shielding chamber (customizedservices including dimensions and manual/automatic/pneumatic door selection).

    3. Various high/low-frequency wave-absorbing materials (applicationsincluding PC, laptop, smartphone, NFC/RFID/wireless charger, automotive radar and 5G millimeterfrequency band).

    4. Conic wedge-shaped, wave-absorbing foam and flat sheetwave-absorbing foam for anechoic chamber.

    5. EMI suppressionwave-absorbing foam/film.

    SGS Certification

    • SGS-檢測報告-吸波泡棉
    • SGS-檢測報告-吸波膠片

    • SGS-檢測報告-UL94HBF耐燃證明


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