EMC Chamber

    Full Anechoic Chamber:
    The Full Anechoic Chamber serves as the Shielding Chamber with internal side fitted with wave-absorbing material in order to simulate the propagation effect of the free space.

    Semi Anechoic Chamber:
    The Semi Anechoi Chamber is used as the Shield Chamber in which, all  five sides are fitted with wave-absorbing material, except for the reflective floor (earthing plate).
    Broad simulation test location.

    Product information available according to customer demand.

    • Test item: Electromagnetic Interference Test EMI Test

      • Conduction Disturbance Test

      • Radiation Disturbance Test

      • Current Harmonic  Disturbance Test

      • Voltage Fluctuation & Flicker  Disturbance Test

      • Disturbance Power Test

      • Click Rate Test

      • Low-frequency Radiated Magnetic Disturbance Emissions Test

      EMF Test

      • EN62233

      • EN62493

      • EPA_Environment Electromagnetic Wave Measuring

      • Restrictive Time-varying Electric Field and Magnetic Field Exposure Guideline

    • EMStest
      • Static discharge tolerance (ESD)

      • Radiation tolerance (RS)

      • Potential fast pulse tolerance (EFT)

      • Lightning surge tolerance (Surge)

      • Conduction tolerance (CS)

      • Power frequency magnetic field tolerance (PMF)

      • Instantaneous voltage dip and instataneous drop tolerance (DIP)

      • Ring wave tolerance (RingWave)

      • Harmonic / Inter-harmonic immunity (HarImm)

      • Voltage flicker immunity (Flklmm)

      • Low-frequency common mode conduction immunity (CSUnder150kHz)

      • DC Power input end ripple immunity

      • Oscillation wave test (OSC)

      • Phase unbalace (PhaseUnblance)

      • Frequency variation immunity (FreVariation)

      • DC power instantaneous dip, interruption (DCDip)

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